Saturday, October 21, 2017
MacLaren IDA Pharmacy Donates

MacLaren IDA Pharmacy Gives Back to the Community

Pharmacist Arif Popatia, and the staff of MacLaren IDA Pharmacy in Campbellford took a few moments out of a recent busy day to announce a generous $10,000 gift to Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation.

The donation will help fund top priority patient care equipment for the hospital. The current priority needs of the hospital include a coagulation analyzer for the Lab, and laproscopic instruments for the Surgical Area. The surrounding community is extremely fortunate to have generous donors like MacLaren IDA who understand the importance of supporting critical organizations like Campbellford Memorial Hospital.

Thank You for your Loyal Support!

MacLaren IDA Pharmacy, Ontario, Campbellford
Pharmacists and Staff

MacLaren IDA Pharmacy, Ontario, Campbellford

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Serving the community since 1951, MacLaren IDA Pharmacy has had a long and storied past. Established by the original owner Roy MacLaren, later owned by Evans Li, and now myself, Arif Popatia. I graduated as a pharmacist in 1995 and have been working at the store since 1998. We have a very friendly and dedicated team that have been at MacLaren IDA Pharmacy for many years. With all our years of experience, we're here to serve our customers to the best of our ability.

Arif Popatia, Pharmacy Services

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Winner of the 2005 Best Store Front and a Proud Member of the Business Improvement Association (BIA) and 2012 Celebration of Business Excellence for Customer First Award we have prided ourselves in servicing our community with fast, honest, reliable service at reasonable prices.


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Maclaren IDA Pharmacy, Ontario, Campbellford