MacLaren IDA Pharmacy Is Proud to Be Your Chosen Health and Wellness Resource

Introducing our new brand: Atoma.

Some 700 scientifically formulated, pharmacist-approved health, wellness and hygiene products.

Option+ gives you More For Less.

With Option+, you have access to hundreds of high-quality products at substantially lower prices.

From healthy snacks to pain medication, allergy relief to beauty supplies, we offer so much more!

Large Selection of Health Care Products

We will take care of your needs by providing a large selection of healthcare products to help you from head to toe.

Diet & Nutrition – Your nutrition and diet are important to maintaining good health. Eating right and staying in shape is not always easy. We may have just the right products for your needs.

Vitamins & Supplements – With a wide selection and variety of vitamins and supplements, maintaining a balanced diet is made easy, keeping you and your family healthy.

FREE Blister Packs – To help you remember to take your medications.

First Aid – We can help look after you inside and out with a wide selection of first aid products to choose from.

Stomach Remedies – When you need quick relief from gas, diarrhea, heartburn or constipation, MacLaren IDA Pharmacy is close to home. We can help soothe your stomach.

Home Medical – Talk to your pharmacist about home medical products.

Skin Care & Bath – Choose from a selection of brand names you trust and Rexall Brand products to help keep your skin soft and healthy.

Personal Care – All the right products can easily be found with the help of our friendly, reliable pharmacy staff. They help make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Baby & Children – Caring for your little one is what is important, so you need good-quality, affordable products. We have everything you need for your child.

Cosmetics – Beauty basics for everyday living.

Household Products  Cleaning supplies, air fresheners and more – you will easily find what you need in stock.

Convenience – For those last-minute items, stopping in at MacLaren IDA Pharmacy on the way home makes shopping less stressful.

Gifts, Stationery & Cards – Giving someone a memory that lasts forever is made simple – browse the perfect selection for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Friendly, Experienced Pharmacy Staff

Our friendly experienced staff is ready to assist, or you can simply browse. Take your time and enjoy the experience. Creating the perfect atmosphere in your personal space at home or work? MacLaren IDA Pharmacy has a large selection of fragrant candles and home décor for you to indulge in your desires. Relax and read a book, or choose from our large selection of magazines.

Be sure to ask our staff for assistance if you cannot find what you are looking for – they are happy to help in any way they can!